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Our vision is to give everyone on earth the chance to see the world differently.
Our mission is to enrich your existence through adventure, self-discovery and conscientious living--every day.
Founded on May 1, 2017. Launched on January 2, 2018. Now...sailing for good !
Some of Our | Favorite Adventures
Navigating to Catalina Island
Leukemia Cup Regatta 2018
ASA 101 Certification
ASA 103 Certification
Two Nights at Two Harbors
A Rocky Mooring at Emerald Bay
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the focus
from doing well
to doing good

Day sails, weekend getaways or adventures over a week or more: we will craft your perfect adventure because no sailing trip is too grand or too short.
Consulting in minimal and/or conscientious living: we're setting out to make a better life for ourselves, others and the place we all share and call home--Earth.
Custom designed trips with a mission: We're striving to enrich the lives of those enduring or surviving cancer, recovering from substance abuse or dependency, coping with depression or any other of life's many challenges.
Corporate leadership and team building and adventures: We're sailing with intention to inspire changes in behaviors, navigate challenges, find new meaning in turn developing strong leaders and powerfully efficient teams.
The | Founding Principles
Inspiration lies on the other side of comfort.

We take risks but are absolutely never reckless. The right amount of adventure awakens our soul and a dash of risk reminds us of our mortality, gently urging us to make the most of this short, wonderful life.
No one likes a meanie-head.

We show the same respect and love to our people as we expect our people to be showing the world every day in their relentless pursuit to do good. Shift the focus from doing well, to doing good.
Speak truthfully and confirm through action.

Words are easy to dismiss. Every word, express or implied, is a promise to our stakeholders. The true measure of character is how well these promises are kept and we have no tolerance for broken promises.
Imagine. Create. Inspire. Repeat.

Progress derives from a synthesis of innovation and necessity. Innovation depends on how much we are willing to dismiss preconceived ideals and just listen to the voice of simplicity. It's ok to act like a kid and get back to dreaming again.
Foster excellence in mind, body and spirit.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of others. We cannot do this well without first starting with our own. A healthy mind, body and spirit for each our people so they in turn can provide the same for the world.
We are equal and importantly not identical.

Our teams thrive from within by exploiting the strengths and protecting the vulnerabilities of each other. We excel externally by maintaining our connection to and shielding our impact on the environment in which we operate and exist.
Operations | The Team
Tommy Schaeffer
Sailor & Executive Director

Phoenix, Arizona

Tommy has recently added sailing to his life and is forever changed. When he is not grinding winches, he’s out swinging microphones around as a field recording engineer for film, television & commercials.

Dave Henning
Sailor & Engineer

Chandler, Arizona

Dave has been sailing since childhood, is a professional jazz piano player and he builds & programs components for cell-phone towers. Next time you call across the country to mom, send a lil thank you to Dave.

Amy Komitzky
Sailor & Educator

Chandler, Arizona

Amy has been sailing since 2001, is a pro in yoga and mindful meditation and spends her day teaching the children of our world to be the best version of themselves that they were meant to be.

Seth Gandrud
World Traveling Beatnik

Prescott, Arizona

Seth is an adventure seeking traveller and wanderer. He recently spent a month touring Vietnam on a motorcycle. He can also be seen in countless films in many different roles as a leading and supporting actor.

Amy Hartman
Emissary of Eco-Awareness

Phoenix, Arizona

Amy is a health-concious mom dedicated to the use of non-toxic chemicals. She can also be spotted designing layouts for major US newspapers.

Michael Schwahn
Business Development

Phoenix, Arizona

A director of multiple successful businesses, and a talented line producer and unit production manager, Michael really knows how to keep things running.

Cavin Schneider
Creative Production & Design

Phoenix, Arizona

A true multipotentialite, Cavin can be found behind the camera, acting in front of it, on stage improvising or building his family-focused start-up venture.

Ken Ferguson
Non-Profit Management

Casa Grande, Arizona

Ken is the executive director of the BlackBox Foundation in Casa Grande, AZ, an expert in nonprofit management and long-time improv pal of ours.

Client | Testimonials
Bill & Susie

It was so great to get back on the ocean and go sailing again! We had a lovely time sailing into the Pacific with Tommy, Dave & Amy. Thank you Sailing for Good !!!

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