Navigating to Catalina Island

Join us aboard Sea Fox, a Jeanneau 379.
Six days. 102 nautical miles. A million memories.

We were 5 on board with three sailors on their first-time voyage navigating to Catalina Island. On the way home, all three picked up new personal speed records. It took us about 10 hours to get there, but we sailed home in less than 8. Sea Fox is a Jeanneau 379 and according to my calculations, she had a hull speed of roughly 7.4 knots. With the help of a little tidal energy, we got her up and running on an SOG of 8.9 knots on the return trip! That was in about 17 knots of true wind.

Words do this trip little justice, but I will add some more soon. Until then, enjoy this snapshots…