Operation Downsize Phase 4

It’s getting much more difficult these days. That's good news and bad news, right? Downsizing these special items will be much more meaningful if they can "stay in the family" or go to someone who needs them more. If you see anything you like, let’s talk! Please share with your pals!

Weber Baby Grand Piano | $8,350

Frosted Glass Executive Desk | $1,600


Garvin Swing-Away Tire Carrier & Bumper | $600

Another Round of Downsizing Aweigh!

In Phase One, we got rid of a ton of stuff and even sold some wheels, tires, poker chips and a bunch of old wine bottles. In Phase Two, we had a huge run and sold a lawn mower, a drum set, a Canon GL-2 video camera, a coffee table, and some old but very awesome Jeep Wrangler gear! Finally, in Phase Three, we saw several items find a new home including: a mini fridge, a rustic wooden wine rack and a pair of table-top patio heaters.

It’s getting much more difficult these days. That’s good news and bad news, right?

The easy good news is that means we’re a lot closer to all-in on this. The bad news is now we’re getting into letting go of meaningful things. Honestly, though, that truly is the best news. This is when the process of becoming a minimalist has the most lasting effects. It is when the steps in this journey become long strides.

So, there are some big-ticket items this round that will be difficult to let go. Downsizing these special items will be much more meaningful if I can “keep it in the family.” If I can give some friends a chance to get something they’ve always wanted but couldn’t quite reach, I would be delighted.

If you see anything you like, let’s talk. Write a comment here or send me an email. You can text or call too!

Pass along and share with your pals, if you like.

Most of all, thank you and I heart you all ! <3 <3 <3

Weber Baby Grand Piano with Bench

Frosted Glass Table with Reception Section & Brushed Steel Pillar Legs

Still Available from Phase 1 through 3

A Lovely Suede Sofa in Tan

Custom Framed Art: Craig S. Holmes Golden Gate Architectural Drawing:

A Handy Picnic Basket That’s Really a Backpack!

many textbooks and other books:

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