Lotus Trolley Shopping Bags

An Extra-Special Gift from My Fabulous Li’l Sister

This year, my little sister Jenn, came by the house a few days before Christmas while I was away and left a special gift. I can’t remember the reason she stopped by, but there would be a set of Lotus Trolley Bags on my dining room table when I returned a few days later!

Most of our family stopped exchanging massive amounts of gifts during the holidays. This was our way to save on expenses and also avoid the capitalistic enslavement that is “Big Retail’s” idea of Christmas. We do, however, occasionally get one or two things for each other. With fewer items, they immediately become more special. Moreover, the truly special items stand out for years to come. These ingenious grocery bags were a simple, but absolutely special and meaningful gift. I can’t wait to try them!

A Double-Bonus Accessory Find

The fun part: these bags have “an accessory” line available. They also have a line of reusable produce bags! Now that is another huge step to take in cutting single-use plastic out of your life completely. Don’t get me wrong, the entire grocery store is a jungle full of more single-use plastic, but the shopping bags and produce bags are a great step in the right direction to start living more synergistically.

The great thing about this accessory line is–Jenn (the lil sister) does not own them yet. I know this because I placed a secret call to her husband. That means, I can get HER something special–and keep the budget tight! This made me so happy and I enjoyed every minute of ordering, receiving, meticulously wrapping and sneaking this under her tree on Christmas.

A Most Interesting Plot Twist

There’s also another fun twist to this story! I of course wanted to get my own reusable produce bags. I also wanted to scrounge a few pennies and save a buck. I found another brand that offers a few more bags in the set and included a storage bag that zips and holds all of them. The set included 12 bags (instead of the 9 that Lotus provides) and the storage bag for the same price–so I ordered them.

Here’s where a company’s commitment to their brand promise and integrity* turn simple customers into raving, loyal fans. Remember the knock-off product I ordered? To refresh your memory, it was the one that I was excited about because it included a zippered pouch to store all of the reusable bags.

Yeah, this set that included an actual reusable bag to store all the other reusable bags all came packaged up in a…

Wait for it.

…a single-use plastic bag!! Something tells me this company is in it for the money. They clearly couldn’t care less about the environment and are no company for me! I of course will not discard the bags. I will begrudgingly use them. However, as soon as I find someone who needs them more than I do, I am going to gift them away and get myself the Lotus brand Reusable Produce Bags!

I fully support and will forever be a loyal, raving fan of Lotus Trolley Bags! Their product came in a single box, made from recycled cardboard and no ridiculous, hypocritical single-use plastic packaging.

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