Downsize to Boat Size

Today we begin the journey to downsize to boat size!

Complete Picnic Kit in a Backpack | $55

Sold! Thank You!!

These items have sold so, sorry if you had been watching it and missed it. More importantly, if you bought it–thank you SO VERY MUCH for being a part of this adventure! You rock!!

500-piece Poker Chip Set in Case with Cards & Dice

Chrome TSW Wheels (with Pirelli Tires included for FREE!)

A Big Ol’Pile of Wine Bottles for Crafting & Projects

Downsize to Boat Size!

Today we begin the journey to downsize to boat size! I’m sure it will become more difficult later. For now, this is the easy phase of downsizing and I’m going to have some fun with it.

This phase is the easy one because each item has one or more checkmarks across all the “no” columns. Oh! I should back up and describe the process a little, eh? I’m no Marie Kondo–and I haven’t even read her book or watched the series. I had already started this process before hearing of her. For now, it’s working, but I imagine when it begins to get difficult to let go of things, I am going to have to shift gears and Go Kondo!

For this, the easy first phase, an item goes onto any of the “on the way out” piles if I answer “no” to all of these questions:

– Does it work/function?
– Do I use it?
– Do I like it?
– Does it have sentimental significance?
– Do I need it more than someone else I know?

If the first question is a “no” then it just goes to trash OR to a lovely and unique pile called, “for Burning Man Art Installations of my Friends” heh heh. Otherwise, straight to the sell, donate or give-away pile!

If you see anything you like, let’s talk. Write a comment here or send me an email. You can text or call too!

Here’s What I Have Available

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A Handy Picnic Basket That’s Really a Backpack!


TSW Chrome Wheels with Pirelli Tires | $400


A Pile of Wine Bottles for Crafting & Projects | $150


Poker Chips (500ct) with Case | $20

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