Dwindling Household Items

It's much easier to keep a tidy home when there's less stuff in it.

Lovely Suede Sofa in the Color of Tan | $120

Sold! Thank You!!

These items have sold so, sorry if you had been watching it and missed it. More importantly, if you bought it–thank you SO VERY MUCH for being a part of this adventure! You rock!!

Mini-Fridge – Brand New, Sparkling Clean with Instructions & Warranty Papers

Rustic Wood Wine Glass Shelf and Wine Rack

Propane Powered Table-Top Patio Heaters

Starting to Get Personal with Household Items

The mass of household items is dwindling, but there is still much more work to be done! The process of downsizing has entered Phase Three and it is beginning to get personal.

We continue with these fine household items. It is beginning to get a lot more difficult, but that means better quality items for you! I hope we can find a good new home and new owner for these things.

Here’s a reminder of the questions I am asking myself:

– Does it work/function?
– Do I use it?
– Do I like it?
– Does it have sentimental significance?
– Do I need it more than someone else I know?

In phase 1, after getting past the first question, I required a unanimous “no” on the remaining 4. In phase 2, we tightened the thumbscrews a little and anything with 3 out of 4 “no” checks would be finding a new home. Now, in this third run…only 2 out of 4 need a “no!”

If you see anything you like, let’s talk. Write a comment here or send me an email. You can text or call too! (I still haven’t sold my phone or computer, heh heh)

Here’s What I Have Available

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Lovely Suede Sofa in the Color of Tan

Pyrex-Corning Visionware Cookware Skillets


New Mini-Fridge with Instructions & Warranty | $75


Rustic Wood Wine Glass Shelf and Wine Rack | $100


Propane Powered Table-Top Patio Heaters | $120

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